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What to Do

When it comes to what to do in Cape Town, it is usually a lack of time rather than a shortage of actual things to do, which hinders one. Cape Town is filled with things to amaze and amuse both young and old year-round. Whether you visit with friends and family, with your partner, or choose to go it alone, you will never be short of things to do in the Mother City. Museums, monuments, theatres, galleries, shops and malls abound, along with seaside activities, ocean sports, hiking and tours to the famous wine lands.

Cape Town is big on arts and culture and one of the most hospitable cities in the world and you will be amazed at the mix of cultures and cuisines coexisting in this city – cuisine which is among the best in the wold, crafted from the freshest locally grown ingredients by master chefs of international acclaim.

Nature plays a role here too, as Cape Town’s climate is perfect for an abundance of flora to flourish, Table Mountain is recognised as a floral kingdom in itself and the city brims with beautiful parks and natural areas.

Here is a selection of some of the most popular attractions in Cape Town:

Aquila Game Reserve

Aquila Game Reserve offers a safari experience, just 2 hours from Cape Town – the perfect day-trip! Aquila is a Big 5 reserve where you can expect to see a host of African wildlife in their natural habitat.

Cape Town’s Wonderful World of Birds

Come and see all the wonders that the Cape Town World of Birds has to offer. Children will love the interaction and the chance to learn more about our feathered friends and a few other little mammals.

The SA Naval Museum

If you’re interested in Naval history, then the SA Naval Museum is the perfect place to explore while you’re in Cape Town. This is the only museum of it’s kind in Africa, and you’ll see and learn why on your visit.

Indoor Climbing

Check out the incredible indoor climbing facilities in and around Cape Town. This is fun for the whole family and the perfect winter activity!

SA Jewish Museum

The SA Jewish Museum in Cape Town is an enriching experience for the whole family. Don’t miss the worlds largest collection of netsuke at the museum!

Koopmans-de Wet House

A visit to Koopmans-de Wet House opens a window to the lifestyles of the rich and famous of 18th century Cape Town. This house is owned by the museum and has been impeccably preserved.

Zip Lining in Ceres

Head to Ceres for a fun day with the kids Zip Lining through the trees, canyons and rivers. This is a great way to explore this region, and will keep the adventurous among us happy too.

The District Six Museum

The District Six museum in Cape Town gives us a glimpse into the vibrant, colourful lives of the people who lived here, before forced removal under the apartheid regime.