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Sadly, today’s our last chance to lap up our amazing surroundings at A ‘Zambezi Lodge in Victoria Falls. It’s also one of the most exciting days of our trip. We’ve booked the Boiling Pot hike at Victoria Falls to get a look at the mighty thunder from below. Our transport for this exciting jaunt arrives at 06h30, so we’ve been up since before dawn snacking on the contents of our doggy bags from last night and steeling our nerves with strong coffee.

Going Down Under

Our cameras are nestled in their waterproof coverings, our feet ensconced in sturdy hiking boots, and we have our swimsuits on underneath our regular gear. Without further ado, we’re off towards town, back to the Victoria Falls National Park.

We pay our entry fee and head to the jumping off point at the top of Batoka Gorge. Here we receive a detailed briefing that mainly involves dire warnings of disobeying the guide’s instructions at your peril. While 110m may seem like little more than the average sprint, it’s an intimidating stretch of real estate when seen from above.

Before too long we don our helmets and our literal ‘big girl brooks’ and start the descent. We proceed in single file, stepping gingerly over the steep slippery rocks. Besides being a little nerve-wracking, it’s not a difficult hike if you pay attention to your footing. Gazing dreamy-eyed at the surrounding rock faces and cliffs is not an option on this route.

Rafting to the Boiling Pot

At the foot of the gorge, we have a few minutes to catch our breath and snap some shots of the treacherous path we’ve just descended. We’re presented with life jackets and board a rubber ducky for the next part of our journey.

We paddle against the current towards the base of the falls, heeding the precise directions of our guide. “Forwards, backwards, stop” it’s a little confusing but seriously exhilarating at the same time. We achieve an amazingly coordinated passage across the river in about 10 minutes.

Paddling at the Foot of Victoria Falls

There’s no time for back-patting however, we still have some slippery rocks to negotiate before we reach our destination. Inching along, we round a bend, and there it is the full might of the Victoria Falls, exploding over the edge of the ravine above.

This single moment makes all the anxiety of our journey well worth it. The chance to strip down to our cozzies and bask in the refreshing pools below the falls does a lot to soothe our minds and muscles too.

It seems like we’ve only just arrived when our guide informs us that it’s time to go. Fortunately, the short break has steeled us for the trek back up the gorge. With the river helping us along this time, we raft back to our starting point quickly and uneventfully.

Oddly, climbing back up the gorge seems a little easier than coming down. At the top, we are greeted with a refreshing drink and a chance to catch our breath before heading back to the lodge.

Last Lazy Afternoon

After our 3 and a half hour exertions, we have little planned for the day except an early lunch at the lodge restaurant and a few hours relaxing around the pool. A few hours of relaxation leave us a little restless, so we embark on a short shopping spree to the Maramba Market top to pick up a few keepsakes of our trip.

Our last luxury for the day is watching the Zambezi fade into the night during our evening meal. Then it’s time to pack and prepare for our onward journey home to Windhoek.Farewell Zimbabwe, it’s been great.

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